Package net.sf.fikin.ant.httpclientanttask

Tasks for HTTP-operations based on Jakrata's HttpClient library


Class Summary
AntAuthScope Authentication scope
AntCredentials Wraps up HttpClient credentials into an Ant tag
AntDeleteMethod Perform HTTP DELETE method
AntGetMethod Perform HTTP GET method
AntHeadMethod Perform HTTP HEAD method
AntMultipartPostMethod Perform HTTP POST method (multu-part message)
AntOptionsMethod Perform HTTP OPTIONS method
AntPostMethod Perform HTTP POST method
AntProxy Wraps up HttpClient proxy into Ant tag
AntPutMethod Perform HTTP PUT method
AntTraceMethod Perform HTTP TRACE method
BaseAntMethod Base class of methods hierarchy
BaseResponseAntMethod provides basic methods for http-responce logging on top of base response moethod

Package net.sf.fikin.ant.httpclientanttask Description

Tasks for HTTP-operations based on Jakrata's HttpClient library

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For general understanding of this library and taks please do reffer to:
All tasks here are backed by single HttpClient object instance. This allows for creation of several HTTP-activities correlating to each other. Typical example is to issue a GET to a login page, then to POST with user credentials and then to perform some other GET/POST/MPOS operations.
This has the disadvantage that one cannot use two differnet credentials with one and same site and one and same time. In order to initiate a new HttpClient instance, one can pass shutdown="true" attribute to any of the provided tasks.
    <echo>Login ...</echo>
    <httppost url="http://localhost/" loglevel="none"
        <post name="username"     value="me"  />
        <post name="password"     value="superman" />

    <echo>Importing some file ...</echo>
    <httpmpost url="http://localhost/" loglevel="content"
        <postfile   name="importFile"       file="someFile.txt" />
        <poststring name="import"           value="Import" />
    <echo>Getting import feedback ...</echo>
        loglevel="all"  logFile="somefile.log"

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