Package net.sf.fikin.sql

SQL handling support library


Class Summary
SQLPipe This object represents a pipe of sql elements.
SQLPipeElement Represent a base for all SQL Pipe Elements.

Exception Summary
SQLExceptionDecorator This class decorates any exception into an SQLException.

Package net.sf.fikin.sql Description

SQL handling support library

Package Specification

This package has support classes for SQL handling and reporting.

One of its goals is to provide with easily reusable components so one can assemble different in its functionality processes.

There are vendor specific classes as well as generic JDBC-based ones.

SQL handling and reporting are separated as design. This poses a dependecy between differnet classes (i.e. certain pipe elements have to be present in the execution pipe) but allows for greater code reuse.

All objects are assembled into a single so called "execution pipe" where input if fed into the first pipe element and then it is passed gradually down the pipe. Result then comes from the end of the pipe towards its end.

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